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John Barrowman: Anything Goes - The Autobiography

John Barrowman: Anything Goes - The Autobiography

UK 2008, 256 pp., hardback,  23.69
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From his Glaswegian childhood and American adolescence to his starring role in the »Doctor Who« spinoff »Torchwood«, this memoir traces the life and career of actor John Barrowman. John made a name for himself with remarkable West End achievements, including success in the movies »The Producers« and »De-Lovely«. John also lays bare his personal life: his emigration as a child, coming out to his family, turning down a job at Disney, and his civil partnership with long-term partner Scott Gill. For gay fans, the book may seem a refreshing change in the annals of books by openly gay stars in that it isn't a coming-out story and wasn't written at the tail end of a long career mostly lived in the closet. Now 40 years old and at the height of his fame, Barrowman has been officially out to the public since 2004, but he has been out to family, friends and colleagues much longer (as well as being in a long-term relationship), and his sexuality is wound as a completely matter-of-fact strand through the story.