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Peter Hennen: Faeries, Bears and Leathermen

Peter Hennen: Faeries, Bears and Leathermen

Men in Community Queering the Masculine. USA 2008, 243 pp., brochure,  49.95
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Over time, male homosexuality and effeminacy have become indelibly associated, sometimes even synonymous. The author contends that this stigma of effeminacy exerts a powerful influence on gay subcultures. Through a comparative ethnographic analysis of three communities, he explores the surprising ways that conventional masculinity is being collectively challenged, subverted, or perpetuated in contemporary gay male culture: the radical Faeries, who parody effeminacy by playfully embracing it, donning prom dresses and glitter, the Bears, who strive to appear like »regular guys« and celebrate their larger, hairier bodies, and the Leathermen, who emulate hypermasculine biker culture, simultaneously paying homage to and undermining notions of manliness.