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Cindy de la Hoz: Lucy at the Movies

Cindy de la Hoz: Lucy at the Movies

USA 2007, 368 pp., hardbound, € 23.20
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The world knows her as the First Lady of Television, but Lucille Ball's star also shined on the silver screen in over 80 films spanning five decades, most from Hollywood's glamorous golden age of the 1930s and '40s. »Lucy at the Movies« is a long- overdue showcase for the star's extensive career in cinema, offering behind-the-scenes stories and essential information for every film in which she appeared. The pages are filled with rare photos of the beautiful young actress, many from her own scrapbooks. Exploring her days as a showgirl through blonde, brunette, and »Tango Red« incarnations from black-white through glorious Technicolor, »Lucy at the Movies« is a complete reference guide and a tribute to a star and an era.
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