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Katherine V. Forrest, Jim van Buskirk (eds.): Love, Castro Street

Katherine V. Forrest, Jim van Buskirk (eds.): Love, Castro Street

USA 2007, 288 pp., brochure, € 29.95
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Because San Francisco has seemingly always been a leading city for both cultural and societal change, it's only natural that there is good literature about the gay scene there. Castro Street has always played a major role in the shaping of gay identity - it's as mythological as it's real. Castro Street has always been a home - both ideological and realistically for those who have felt to be different and homeless. The legendary heart of the Castro where Castro and Market streets meet is the focal point of the neighborhood that gays have christened »the Castro« and there so much of gay history has taken place. Many have stories about the Castro and this volume is a book full of these stories. Jim Tushinski, Mark Thompson, Michael Nava, Victor Banis, and Elana Dykeswomon are the most well-known contributors to this book.
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