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Brinda Bose, Subhabrata Bhattacharyya (eds.): The Phobic and the Erotic

Brinda Bose, Subhabrata Bhattacharyya (eds.): The Phobic and the Erotic

The Politics of Sexuality in Contemporary India. USA/UK 2007, 496 pp., brochure,  36.95
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This anthology explodes several current myths about lines that divide - the heterosexual from the homosexual, the normative from the »alternative«, the phobic from the obsessive, the moral from the titillating, the academic from the activist - and brings together an array of writing about what is both most visible and most hidden in the lives and sexualities of contemporary Indians. While the social and cultural lives are determined by a fairly universal heterosexual normative code, this collection argues that it is imperative to recognise multiple sites and discourses as equally valid. It »outs« the »alternative«. It is constructed on the premise that it is time to foreground those sexual choices and identities that are counter-hetero-normative as the sites at which the most sognificant politics in India are being played out.
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