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Andrew Holleran: Grief

Andrew Holleran: Grief

USA 2007, 150 pp., brochure, € 11.29
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The author of »Dancer from the Dance« captures the pain of a generation of gay men who have survived the AIDS epidemic and reached middle age yearning for fidelity, tenderness and intimacy. The unnamed, silver-haired narrator has just relocated from Florida, reeling from the recent death of his invalid mother. The exhausted, lonely professor comes to Washington to escape his previous life and to start teaching a college seminar on literature and AIDS. What he finds there - in his handsome, solitary landlord, in the city's somber mood and sepulchral architecture, and in the strange and impassioned letters and journals of Mary Todd Lincoln - are unexpected truths about America and loss. As he seeks to engage with the living world around him - a challenging student, the mother of a dead friend, even his landlord's neglected dog - he comes to realize that his relationship to his grief is very different from what he had thought.
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