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Samuel Park: Shakespeare's Sonnets

Samuel Park: Shakespeare's Sonnets

USA 2006, 239 pp., hardbound,  24.95
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Harvard 1948: Adam Standridge is a student at Harvard University with dreams of becoming a literary scholar. He's from a rich and influential family, and has become engaged to the perfect girl. His life plan is set until he's busted by the campus police for having sex with a man in a public place. Threatened with expulsion, Adam re-focuses his energies on a new class about Shakespeare's sonnets. There he meets Jean Hayman, a man with whom Adam shares much: love of language and love of men. As their relationship grows, Adam realizes he will have to make a choice: this life his family planned for him, or the life his heart wants. Are Adam and Jean living out Shakespeare's story? Or Wilde's? Or their own? The author puts history, as well as the reader, in a permanent state of suspense.
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