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John Amaechi: Man in the Middle

John Amaechi: Man in the Middle

USA 2007, 290 pp., hardback, € 23.90
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This is John Amaechi's extraordinary journey from awkward, overweight English lad to jet-setting NBA star. Along the way, Amaechi encountered endless obstacles to achieving his hoop dreams - his father's abandonment, being cut from his first college team, a life-threatening injury, abusive coaches, the death of his mother - all the while protecting a vital secret that could end his career: being gay. Now, in his memoir, Amaechi takes us deep inside the often hypermasculine world of professional sports to the very center of his soul. From the streets of Manchester where he was raised by a single mother to Penn State University (where he first achieved basketball stardom and his homosexuality awoke) to cities and countries in which he played. Despite the fear of being outed, Amaechi lived an active and activist life throughout his career, mentoring children and adopting two of his own.
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