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David Bret: Joan Crawford

David Bret: Joan Crawford

USA 2007, 299 S., hardback,  24.89
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Biographer David Bret tells of Joan Crawford's rags-to-riches climb, from working in a Kansas City laundry to collecting an Oscar , and on to her devotion to Christian Science and reliance to vodka. He discusses the star's legendary relationship with Clark Gable, her countless love affairs, her marriages - three of them to gay men - and her obsession with rough sex. Bret divulges what really happened that led her to disinherit two of her four children, earning her the nickname »Mommie Dearest«, as well as how her loathed mother forced Crawford to work as a prostitute, appear in pornographic films, and sleep her way to the top. Many of her films were constructed as vehicles in which actress and character were indistinguishable. Overtly generous toward her coterie of gay friends, she was unspeakably heartless toward her enemies, particularly Bette Davis.
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