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P.J. Gray: More Bear Cookin'

P.J. Gray: More Bear Cookin'

USA 2006, 252 pp., brochure,  29.95
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The author of »Bear Cookin'« is back, serving up another helping of mouthwatering recipes, handy kitchen tips, and tributes to comfort foods. Gray's multicultural background (French, Irish, and American southern) add to the flavor and variety of his foods. Seasoned with humor and served up with a side order of fun, this flavorful collection combines favorites like »Use Your Tool« and »More Bearable Meal Suggestions« from the original book with new food and information like »Did You Know?« and kitchen tips. The book also includes a glossary of cooking technology, recipe measures and equivalencies, and emergency ingredient substitutions. So, loosen your belts and make room for seconds.