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Chris Packard: Queer Cowboys

Chris Packard: Queer Cowboys

USA 2006, 144 pp., brochure, € 12.89
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Ang Lee's Film »Brokeback Mountain« exploded the myth of the American Cowboy as a tough, gruff and grizzled loner. This book exposes, through legendary Western Writers such as Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper, and Owen Wister, how same-sex intimacy and homoerotic admiration were key aspects of Westerns well before »Brokeback's« 1960s West, and well before the word »homosexual« was even invented. Chris Packard introduces readers to the males-only clubs of journalists, cowboys, miners, indians, and vaqueros who defined themselves by excluding women and the cloying ills of domesticity. He recovers a forgotten culture of exclusively masculine, sometimes erotic, and often intimate cameraderie in the fiction, photographs and theatrical performances of the 1800s Wild West.
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