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Peggy Drexler with Linden Gross: Raising Boys Without Men

Peggy Drexler with Linden Gross: Raising Boys Without Men

USA 2006, 224 pp., brochure, € 12.39
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According to prevailing wisdom, a boy must be raised with a man in the house. Otherwise, he's bound to be a failure. That same wisdom tells us that mothers left to their own devices will smother their sons and turn them into sissies, and that sons of unmarried women are destined to a life of crime. The author wasn't quite convinced that this »common« knowledge was accurate or true, so she embarked on a groundbreaking study that compared boys from female-headed households with boys from traditional mam-and-dad families. The results were published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal, and they were so heartening that the author expanded her study into »Raising Boys Without Men«, which is an examination of these boys and their amazing mothers.
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