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Brane Mozetic: Passion

Brane Mozetic: Passion

Engl. by Tamara Soban. USA 2005, 126 pp., brochure,  19.39
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Brane Mozetic is a Slovenian poet, fiction writer, essayist, and gay activist. In this collection of short stories, he traces the geography of modern sexuality both devoid of affection or sentimentality and obsessed with issues of power and control. He is pursuing an art that dares to explore the darkest aspects of queer life in the urban milieu, a personal and confrontational ars poetica fraught with pain, compassion, desire and delirium. Mozetic nosedives into the banal only to discover the violence lingering just below the surface - a violence he then fearlessly explores. In spite of its visceral evocations, however, the stories' most shocking accomplishment is their emotional honesty.
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