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Keith Boykin: Beyond the Down Low

Keith Boykin: Beyond the Down Low

USA 2006, 311 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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Writer and activist Boykin addresses what he sees as the implicitly racist and homophobic undertones of the media's coverage. He offers a point-by-point refutation of King's take »On the Down Low«, Boykin accuses King of serving up another »stereotypical image of black men as pathological liars, surreptitiously satisfying their primitive sexual cravings by cheating on their wives«. Boykin details how the virtual silence from black leaders on sex matters has helped to create an environment where gay and bisexual men feel compelled to lead double lives. Meanwhile, the dialogue that has occurred both inside and out of African-American circles encourages an unhealthy battle of the sexes, ignores the complexities of the closet, demonizes homosexuality and bisexuality, disempowers women from personal responsibility to protect themselves from STDs, and misdirects public resources and attention at vilifying down low men.
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