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Peter Ackroyd: Shakespeare - The Biography

Peter Ackroyd: Shakespeare - The Biography

USA 2005, 572 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Ackroyd illuminates the Bard's life with a wealth of scholarship that Shakespeare himself could never have provided, he wisely allows the Bard to tell much of his own story through revealing episodes in his own immortal work. Others have likewise mined Shakespeare's plays and poetry for telling clues about the playwright's life. But Ackroyd brings to his biographical reading the imaginative insights of a gifted poet and novelist, along with the passions of a scholar so absorbed in the Elizabethan world that he knows which Pembroke actor curled his lip when Shakespeare gave him a line dripping with wrath and which haughty dramatist matched wits with Shakespeare when he visited the Mermaid Tavern on Bread Street.
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