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Gavin Butt: Between You And Me

Gavin Butt: Between You And Me

USA 2005, 210 pp., brochure,  20.95
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In the decades preceding the Stonewall-riots discussions of homosexuality within the New York art world necessarily circulated via gossip and rumor. This book explores this informal, everyday talk and how it shaped artists' hives, their work and its reception. Revealing the »trivial and unserious« aspects of the postwar art scene as key to understanding queer subjectivity the author argues for a more expansive concept of historical evidence. He draws on the accusations of homosexuality that appeared from 1948 to 1963 in the popular press, on early homophile publications, biographies and interviews. He describes how the stories about Andy Warhol being too »swish« to be taken seriously as an artist changes following his breakthrough success, reconstructing him as an asexual dandy. »Between You And Me« sheds new light on a pivotal moment in American cultural production as it signals new directions for art history.
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