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Karin Kallmaker: Sugar

Karin Kallmaker: Sugar

USA 2004, 208 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Struggling to make ends meet, Sugar has invested everything into »Cake Dreams by Sugar« with the hopes of becoming the most sought-after designer of event desserts in Seattle. Working - and baking - night and day to perfect her business and her chances of winning a large bake-off prize, she's not prepared for disaster. Within a few hours, Sugar finds that she has no place to live and no business to run, and not even a bag of flour or a measuring cup to her name. Support arrives in the form of an empathetic Victim's Advocate social worker named Tree, a hunky, charming firefighter named Charlie, and a dynamic, ambitious local TV producer named Emily. Soon Emily is the first of the trio to make a serious play for Sugar in the morning, Sugar in the evening, and Sugar in the afternoon.
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