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David Leavitt: The Body of Jonah Boyd

David Leavitt: The Body of Jonah Boyd

UK 2005, 215 pp., paperback,  9.29
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It's 1969 and Denny is on her way to the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Wrights' plush campus house. Denny is more nervous than usual because she has recently begun an affair with Dr Ernest Wright, a psychology professor who happens to be her boss. Needless to say, Ernest's wife Nancy doesn't suspect her more like a servant than a friend. To add to the tension, the Wrights' only daughter is having a secret affair with Ernest's protégé, and the youngest son, Ben, is as delicate and insufferable as only a poetry-writing fifteen-year-old can be. But this year the guests will include Nancy's best friend Anne and her new husband, the celebrated novelist Jonah Boyd, and this fateful holiday will turn out to be like no other.
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