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Rich Merritt: Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star

Rich Merritt: Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star

USA 2005, 468 pp., brochure, € 14.59
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Rich Marritt - the good son, the teacher's pet, Southern gentleman, model Christian student, Marine officer, and the not-so-anonymous poster boy for a »New York Times Magazine« article on gays in the military - tells the story of his complicated sexual past that caused an international scandal when »The Advocate« outed him as »The Marine Who Did Gay Porn«, putting his life in a tailspin. It's the story of how a boy who never listened to pop music, never cursed, and didn't have his first drink until 18 exploded into a life of drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, prostitution, and pornography. In this memoir, the author writes about growing up behind the »Fortress of Fundamentalism«, about how he came to despise Christian fundamentalist views, about the harsh realities of military life under the »Don't ask, don't tell« Clinton policy, and about his experiences of working in the male porn industry.
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