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Michael Galluccio Jon: An American Family

Michael Galluccio Jon: An American Family

USA 2001, 276 pp., brochure,  18.55
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After years in a committed relationship, Jon and Michael Galluccio became foster parents to Adam, a premature infant born with the HIV virus and addicted to crack, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol. With love and care, the Galluccios nursed Adam through the many emergencies of his first year back to health and decided to apply for adoption after they had realized that this child, their son, could have been taken back from them at any time by the state. Refused by the state of New Jersey – even as it asked them to care for another at-risk infant – the Galluccios decided to fight for their son in the courts, and win after a tense legal battle, setting a precedent for all unmarried couples in New Jersey to adopt children jointly.
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