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Helena Flam: Pink, Purple, Green

Helena Flam: Pink, Purple, Green

USA 2001, 173 pp., cloth, € 19.95
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In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Central Europe has witnessed rapidly accelerated social changes, as forces held in check under a generation of communism have been unleashed to construct a new civil society. As in the West, these new societies in eastern Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have confronted issues of inclusion and exclusion, or ethnic, and religious tolerance, of gender identity and global consciousness. But, as the authors of »Pink, Purple, Green« show, the interest-group or identity politics so central to Western political culture emerged in Central Europe in different ways. When Westerners envision nascent social movements, they think of strong protest forms - demonstrations, marches, vigils or hunger strikes. Recalling the turbulent 1960s, Westerners associalte collective mobilization with speeches, raised fists, joyous or angry voices, banners and flags flapping against the wind. Central European social movements challenge this picture, characterized instead by more formal and mature organizations that tap and command resources in order to put issues across to the public and to influence state agendas.
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