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Paul Cartledge: Alexander the Great

Paul Cartledge: Alexander the Great

USA 2004, 329 pp., cloth, € 24.30
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Alexander is the ultimate hero of the classical world. His fame has endured for well over two millennia and embraces Eastern and Western cultures alike. A warrior king who remade the world, Alexander resonates in legend to this day and fires the imagination of authors, and film-makers. At the tender age of 20, Alexander inherited his father Philip of Macedon. A mere six years later he had conquered the once mighty Persian Empire, and by the time he was 30 he had taken his victorious arms to the limits of the inhabited world, ruling an empire that streched from the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush. But who was Alexander? Deity? Mortal? Hero? Tyrant? Bisexual? Megalomaniac? Patricide? This biography will offer some answers to these questions.
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