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David Dodge, David Orton: Category Is: Cocktails!

David Dodge, David Orton: Category Is: Cocktails!

Mixed Drinks Inspired by Legendary Drag Performers. D 2024, 144 pp., hardcover, € 16.95
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This book features original recipes for 60 cocktails and zero-proof drinks, alongside beautifully-rendered illustrations and profiles of the personalities who inspired them. The drag legends here run the gamut: designers, dancers, comedians, community activists, contortionists, Emmy winners, and Broadway actors. The book includes the big names of drag, such as stars of reality TV show »Drag Race« Kim Chi, Trixie Mattel, and Latrice Royale, to scene stalwarts Divine and Lady Bunny, to international performers like Pabllo Vittar and Pangina Heals - as well as culturally significant figures, like vaudevillian king Annie Hindle and activist Storme DeLarverie. While the drinks in most drag bars could easily fuel a transatlantic flight, this collection puts forth a radical thought: drag performers and their fans deserve better.
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