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David Foissard (ed.): BogossBook Vol. 4

David Foissard (ed.): BogossBook Vol. 4

Fine Male Illustrations. F 2023, 96 pp., color, hardback, € 27.95
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Chaumington D. Foissard - BogossBook 4
A »bogoss«, in France, is simply a handsome guy. So anytime a hot guy is spotted in France, you will most probably hear the word »bogoss« applied to him. This collection of male illustrations gathers over 80 illustrators to celebrate the many sides of »everyday sexiness« in their version of being it traditional drawings or digital creations - some have a realistic style, others a style closer to comics, Each drawing is sexy and nicely erotic in ordert o titillate you a little bit without going to far in this fourth volume of »BogossBook«.
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