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David Foissard (ed.): BogossBook Vol. 3

David Foissard (ed.): BogossBook Vol. 3

Fine Male Illustrations. F 2021, 96 pp., color, hardback, € 27.95
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Chaumington D. Foissard - BogossBook 3
What does »bogoss« mean? In France, a »bogoss« is a very handsome guy. So anytime a hot guy is spotted in France, you will most probably hear the word »bogoss« applied to him. Thankfully, handsome guys of any race, age or body type are everywhere on the planet, and this is what our book on male illustrations wants to show. It aims to celebrate the many sides of »everyday sexiness« - over 80 illustrators have expressed their version of it in their own graphic style in a sexy but respectful way in this third volume of »BogossBook«.
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