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Polleiro/ David Foissard (ed.): The Art of Polleiro

Polleiro/ David Foissard (ed.): The Art of Polleiro

F 2023, text engl./frz., 100 pp., colour, hardback, € 27.95
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Chaumington D. Foissard
When you think of watercolor drawings you don't necessarily think of representations of naked mature men messing around in the dunes, touching each other in the bushes or doing naughty things in the office. And yet, this is what artist Polleiro loves to represent, with a style that is both realistic and full of humor. One might think that sexuality would graciously disappear with age but Polleiro's men are as horny as teenagers, and give in to all their desires. It doesn't matter if they are round, hairy, going grey, with overgrown moustaches or shaggy beards, they know how to have fun and don't care what people say. Polleiro discovers the charm of seniors, of strong and well-hung daddies.
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