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David Foissard (ed.): The Art of Albron

David Foissard (ed.): The Art of Albron

F 2022, Text engl./frz., 240 pp., colour, hardback, € 59.95
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Chaumington D. Foissard
Albron is a homo erotic artist known for the realism of his creations: muscular and powerful men with big tender eyes that give off the perfect mix of sexuality and sympathy. Virtuoso of the graphic tablet, he does not draw but really sculpts these bodies sublimated in 3D. Albron also works like a director: each character is placed in a meticulously designed set, where every element seems real, and where even the light, essential and cinematic, is mastered. Through them, Albron tells us stories: each illustration is like a shot from a movie whose scenario we can imagine ourselves. This book is the first collection of his work from 2015 to 2021, an opportunity to take a beautiful journey through his imagination. With a foreword by Olivier Coipel.
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