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Paco y Manolo (eds.): Kink No.39 - Autumn/Winter 2023

Paco y Manolo (eds.): Kink No.39 - Autumn/Winter 2023

Spanien 2023, Engl. / span. Text, 132 pp., b/w, colour, brochure, € 18.00
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Paco y Manolo
KINK 39, a fine gay magazine by Paco y Manolo, Color, B/W. Spanish-English bilingual. Autumn and winter 2023/24 plus CUADERNO 20 : »Summer Study«, by Pepo Moreno. 16 pages. B/W. Spanish-English bilingual. Almost since three decades Paco y Manolo protect contemporary photography from artifice: showing a delicate soft spot for windows, flat roofs and endlessly landscapes and flooding the photography dark lounges full of chemical liquids with naturalness.
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