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Richard Chamberlain: Shattered Love

Richard Chamberlain: Shattered Love

USA 2004, 247 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Through decades of performances on TV and in film, Richard Chamberlain has epitomized the ideal leading man. But despite his worldwide acclaim in »The Thorn Birds« and »Shogun«, the actor himself has never led a life of easy confidence but lived in constant fear that the »real« Richard would one day be discovered. Richard Chamberlain recounts his journey as an impressionable boy who stumbled into the Hollywood of big studios, big money, and big personas. Through long days on the set and glittering evenings on the town with Joan Crawford, Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other colorful characters, Chamberlain played his Golden Boy role. Now he longes to reconcile his deepest self with his public persona - including his being gay, a secret he has guarded until now.