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Sally Wainwright (R): Gentleman Jack Series 2

Sally Wainwright (R): Gentleman Jack Series 2

UK 2022, engl. OF, engl. UT, 3 DVDs, 464 min., € 34.99
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BBC - Gentleman Jack 2
All eight episodes from the second series of the BBC period drama starring Suranne Jones as landowner Anne Lister. Based on her own diaries, the show follows Lister as she returns to Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1832 to find her ancestral home at Shibden Hall has fallen into a state of disrepair. In an effort to improve its fortunes, Anne attempts to regain control of and reopen her family's coal mines while also entering into a series of controversial relationships with other women.- In this series, Anne brings her new wife Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) to Shibden Hall to live. Anne's refusal to keep a low profile becomes dangerous as the locals are hungry for political change and in addition, her former lover Mariana Lawton (Lydia Leonard) is intent on causing trouble for Anne's new relationship.
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