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Yuval Merin: Equality for Same-Sex Couples

Yuval Merin: Equality for Same-Sex Couples

USA 2002, 397 pp., brochure, € 32.79
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During the past 30 years, nations all over the world have been debating whether to allow same-sex couples to marry, or at least to grant these couples various rights associated with marriage. The author presents a comparative study of the legal regulations of same-sex partnerships worldwide, as well as a unique survey of the status of same-sex couples in Europe and the US. Merin begins by providing a historical overview of the transformation of marriage from antiquity to the present. He then identifies and critically compares principal models for the legal regulation and recognition of same-sex partnerships: civil marriage, registered partnership, domestic partnership, and cohabitation. Merin concludes that all of the models except civil marriage discriminate against gays and lesbians just as as the »separate but equal« doctrine discriminated against African Americans. Thus, so-called alternatives to marriage, even if they provide the same rights and benefits as marriage, are inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional.
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