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Bart Heynen: DADS

Bart Heynen: DADS

USA 2021, 152 pp., hardbound, € 59.95
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Ever since 2015, when same-sex marriage became legal in across the U.S., we've witnessed a baby boom in the gay community. From New York City to Utah all these fathers are at the very beginning of a new era for gay men. Through adoption or the help of surrogates and egg donors they are able to make their dream come true and start a family of their own. The constant tension between how these families are unique and similar to straight families, makes this book a true page turner. As the babies grow into adults and the fathers grow older throughout the book, we are reminded that families come in many different sizes, colors and shapes. Featuring more than 40 families, »DADS« is a journey into Gay Fatherhood in the United States. More than 40 families are portrayed by the Belgian photographer Bart Heynen. A very diverse group of dads who have one thing in common; they are gay and they have children.
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