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Mary Renault: The Mask of Apollo

Mary Renault: The Mask of Apollo

USA 1988, 373 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Set in 4th-century B.C. Greece, »The Mask of Apollo« is narrated by Nikeratos, a tragic actor who takes with him on all his travels a gold mask of Apollo, a relic of the theater´s golden age, which is now past. At first his mascot, the mask gradually becomes his conscience, and he refers to it his gravest decisions, when he finds himself at the center of a political crisis in which the philosopher Plato is also involved. Much of the action is set in Syracuse, where Plato´s friend Dion is trying to persuade the young tyrant Dionysios the Younger to accept the rule of law. After an astonishing performance, Nikeratos is complimented and subsequently enchanted by Dion, the distinguished Syracusian statesman, Plato´s prize pupil, the inspiration of »The Symposium«, and hopeful prototype for the philosopher-king. When King Dionysius of Syracuse dies, Nikeratos takes an off-stage role in the city’s political intrigue as Dion vies for the throne. Through Nikeratos´ eyes, the reader watches as the clash between the two looses all the pent-up violence in the city.
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