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Yuval Taylor: Zora and Langston

Yuval Taylor: Zora and Langston

A Story of Friendship and Betrayal. USA 2019, 304 pp. with several b/w photographs, hardcover, € 23.95
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W. W. Norton
Zora Hurston and the gay Langston Hughes, two giants of the Harlem Renaissance, were best friends - until they weren't. Hurston and Hughes were collaborators, literary gadflies, and close companions. They traveled together in Hurston's dilapidated car through the rural South collecting folklore, worked on the play »Mule Bone«, and wrote scores of loving letters to each other. They even had the same patron: Charlotte Mason, a wealthy white woman. Paying them lavishly while trying to control their work, Mason may have been the spark for their bitter falling-out. Was the split inevitable when the gay black man Hughes decided to be financially independent of their patron? Yuval Taylor illuminates Hurston's and Hughes's lives, work, competitiveness and ambition.
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