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Pauli Murray: Song in a Weary Throat

Pauli Murray: Song in a Weary Throat

Memoir of an American Pilgrimage. USA 2018, 624 pp., brochure,  22.95
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Poet, memoirist, labor organizer, and Episcopal priest, Pauli Murray helped transform the law of the land. Arrested in 1940 for sitting in the whites-only section of a Virginia bus, Murray propelled that life-defining event into a Howard law degree and a fight against »Jane Crow« sexism. Orphaned at early age, she was sent from Baltimore to segregated Durham, N.C., to live with her unflappable Aunt Pauline, who, while strict, was liberal-minded in accepting the tomboy Pauli as »my little boy-girl«. In fact, throughout her life, Murry would struggle with feelings of sexual »in-betweenness« - she tried unsuccessfully to get her doctors to give her testosterone - given her transgendered identity.
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