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Mike Nichols (R): Angels in America

Mike Nichols (R): Angels in America

Screenplay by Tony Kushner. TV Mini Series. USA 2003, engl. OF, engl./schwed./portug./hebr. UT, 337 min.,  14.99
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HBO´s highly acclaimed heavyweight six-hour TV drama, adapted from two Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway plays by Tony Kushner, »The Millennium Approaches« and »Perestroika«. Kushner also wrote the screenplay for the TV adaptation, which stars Hollywood stalwarts Al Pacino and Meryl Streep alongside British actors Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon and Simon Callow. Set in a turbulent New York City in the mid-1980s, the drama follows the interconnected lives of various New Yorkers affected by issues of the day including the conservative Reagan administration, AIDS, religious bigotry, angst about their homosexuality - and miraculous spiritual visitations.
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