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John Mercer: Gay Pornography

John Mercer: Gay Pornography

Representations of Sexuality and Masculinity. UK 2017, 256 pp., brochure, € 49.95
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I.B. Tauris
Gay pornography, online and onscreen, is a controversial and significantly under-researched area of cultural production. The book explores the iconography, themes and ideals that the genre presents. Indeed, gay pornography cannot be regarded as one-dimensional it offers its audience a vision of plural masculinities that are more nuanced and ambiguous than they might seem. Mercer examines how the internet has generated an exponential growth in the sheer volume and variety of this material, and facilitated far greater access to it. He uses both professional and amateur examples to explore how gay pornography has become part of a wider cultural context in which modern masculinities have become »saturated« by their still evolving status and function in popular culture.
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