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Naomi Alderman: The Power

Naomi Alderman: The Power

UK 2018, 341 pp., pb.,  12.95
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Penguin UK
Imagine if one day, suddenly, girls developed a strange physical power: they can produce electricity inside them. They can use this power to hurt, to torture, and to kill. The whole world that is built on patriarchy is suddenly upturned - being a woman is synonymous with power and strength, men are the ones afraid to walk alone at night, the female body itself becomes an instrument of power. Alderman considers how this would affect a variety of people and issues, from terrorism to religion, and she does this through the eyes of four very different people: Roxy is a white British teenager and the daughter of a gangster. Allie is a mixed-race girl who runs away after years of abuse and finds herself at a convent, revered as some kind of goddess. Margot is an American mayor and one of the few older women to develop the power. And then Tunde, a young Nigerian man and aspiring journalist who captures early footage of the power in action.
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