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Axel Neustädter: Open Love

Axel Neustädter: Open Love

The Complete Guide to Gay Open Relationships, Polyamory, and More. D 2019, 176 pp. illustrated, brochure,  16.99
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Bruno Gmünder - Blaue Reihe
Who do we love? Who can we love? And how many? With »Open Love«, Axel Neustädter explores the possibilities and reveals the secrets of non-monogamous gay love. Fuck buddies, platonic friendships, spiritual partnerships: these are some of the possibilities beyond the traditional monogamous couple. Above all, however, it´s the open relationship that has always posed special challenges for people willing to step outside the monogamy template. Neustädter tackles all the important questions asked by anyone who´s yearned for a relationship with that certain extra quality: How do you open up a relationship without drama? What about jealousy? Is sex outside the relationship the new fidelity? Why are open relationships the new way to be safe? How gay is polyamory anyway?
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