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Axel Neustädter: Open Love

Axel Neustädter: Open Love

The Complete Guide to Gay Open Relationships, Polyamory, and More. D 2019, 176 pp. illustrated, brochure, € 16.99
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Bruno Gmünder - Blaue Reihe
Who do we love? Who can we love? And how many? With »Open Love«, Axel Neustädter explores the possibilities and reveals the secrets of non-monogamous gay love. Fuck buddies, platonic friendships, spiritual partnerships: these are some of the possibilities beyond the traditional monogamous couple. Above all, however, it's the open relationship that has always posed special challenges for people willing to step outside the monogamy template. Neustädter tackles all the important questions asked by anyone who's yearned for a relationship with that certain extra quality: How do you open up a relationship without drama? What about jealousy? Is sex outside the relationship the new fidelity? Why are open relationships the new way to be safe? How gay is polyamory anyway?
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