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Brian Merriman: Eirebrushed

Brian Merriman: Eirebrushed

A one act play. Ireland 2016, 102 pp., brochure,  10.00
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There are 4 equal players aged from 20s up to 50s at the director’s discretion. The actors, dressed in stylised black costume, are all in normal conversation throughout and will evolve into their heroic characters. There are direct quotes within the play, they are original text from the writings of the historical character and are a bridge between their time and now. Padraig Pearse is reticent to confirm anything – a very private man. Roger Casement accepts his fate and is open to accepting the consequences of his actions. Eva Gore Booth is an empathetic intellectual whose success has always been based on the power of argument. Nurse Elizabeht O’Farrell plays the catalyst role – the pragmatic voice of the people, the unimpressed observer of heroism.
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