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Boyd McDonald: Cruising the Movies

Boyd McDonald: Cruising the Movies

A Sexual Guide to Oldies on TV. USA 2015, 304 pp. illustrated, brochure,  17.95
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MIT Press
»Cruising the Movies« was Boyd McDonald's »sexual guide« to televised cinema, originally published by the Gay Presses of New York in 1985. A compendium of real-life sexual stories that is part pornography, part ethnography - McDonald in his film writing reveals both his studious and sardonic sides. Many of the texts in »Cruising the Movies« were inspired by McDonald's attentive inspection of the now-shuttered MoMA Film Stills Archive, and his columns gloriously capture a bygone era in film fandom. Gay and subcultural, yet never reducible to a zany cult concern or mere camp, McDonald's »reviews« capture a lost art of queer cinephilia, recording a furtive obsession that once animated gay urban life.
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