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Gunny Catell: Rise Like a Faerie

Gunny Catell: Rise Like a Faerie

A Radical Fairie Trail. Ö 2015, Engl./dt. Text, 212 pp., brochure,  19.90
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The Radical Faeries is a pioneering movement that started in the Gay Liberation era. Gunny Catell is travelling the world for eight years now to participate at the Radical Faeries gatherings as »Mata Hari«. He wrote this Faerie book to tell about his personal experiences with the Radical Faeries – about his visions and confessions, too. The book offers insights into a fascinating universe which isn’t usually obvious to the rest of the people. »Rise Like a Faerie« is a first anthology for the German-speaking people (also in English, of course). It shows the Radical Faeries movement from its beginnings in Austria and the Central and Eastern European regions – and it shows how life for the Radical Faeries and their fellows changed for the better.
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