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Stephen Whitaker (R): Portrait of a Marriage

Stephen Whitaker (R): Portrait of a Marriage

UK 2008, engl.OF, engl.UT, 219 min.,  29.95
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Drama following the scandalous relationship between historian, Harold Nicolson, novelist, Vita Sackville-West, and her lover, Violet Keppel, in post WWI England. Sir Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West appear to have the perfect marriage, but beneath the glossy veneer, Nicolson is a fervent homosexual, constantly away from home, pursuing new conquests. Vita, happy at first to go along with her husband's indiscretions, soon develops a lesbian relationship of her own with her childhood friend, Keppel, causing tensions to rise in her marriage, and forcing her to consider moving to Paris with her lover.