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Noelle M. Stout: After Love

Noelle M. Stout: After Love

Queer Intimacy and Erotic Encounters in Post-Soviet Cuba. USA 2014, 272 pp. with photographs, brochure, € 34.95
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Duke University Press
The anthropologist author arrived in Havana in 2002 to study the widely publicized emergence of gay tolerance in Cuba but discovered that the sex trade was dominating everyday discussions among gays, lesbians, and »travesties«. Largely eradicated after the Revolution, sex work, including same-sex prostitution, exploded in Havana when the island was opened to foreign tourism in the early 1990s. The booming sex trade led to unprecedented encounters between Cuban gays and lesbians, and straight male sex workers and foreign tourists. As many gay Cuban men in their 30s and 40s abandoned relationships with other gay men in favor of intimacies with straight male sex workers, these bonds complicated ideas about »true love« for queer Cubans at large.
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