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David M. Friedman: Wilde in America

David M. Friedman: Wilde in America

Oscar Wilde and the Invention of Modern Celebrity. USA 2014, 304 pp. illustrated, hardcover, € 29.99
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W. W. Norton
In 1882, Oscar Wilde, a 27-year-old genius at least by his own reckoning arrived in New York. The young gay man had made such a spectacle of himself in London with his eccentric fashion sense, acerbic wit, and extravagant passion for art and home design that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote an operetta lampooning him. He was hired to go to ... Weiterlesen

David M. Friedman: A Mind of Its Own

David M. Friedman: A Mind of Its Own

A Cultural History of the Penis. USA 2003, 358 pp., Pb, € 19.90
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Setting out to »make intellectual and emotional sense of a man's relationship with his defining organ«, the author moves from highbrow to lowbrow in this lighthearted but substantive cultural history of the penis. Successively viewed as a life source, a symbol of sacred covenant with God, an emblem of shame, an instrument of domination, a mere prop for the pharmaceutical ... Weiterlesen

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