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Shane Allison (ed.): Middle Men

Shane Allison (ed.): Middle Men

Gay Erotic Threesomes. USA 2012, 201 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Good things come in threes: the hot threesomes in »Middle Men« will inspire you to cruise for at least two friends with benefits. Gaybie award-winning editor Allison gets the party started with a true-life confession of a fast and fun triple play. Jay Starre's »Jersey Shore Hit« is a beachy romp featuring a trio of hunky Italian stallions. Everybody gets their money's worth in Bob Vickery's »Escorts« and an uninvited guest stumbles on some very inspiring homemade porn in Jamie Freeman's »Fox Goldman and the Three Bears«. As the editor notes, »these gay erotica scribes are the best the genre has to offer - their deepest threesome fantasies run buck-naked through these pages«. Other hot stories were contributed by Christopher Pierce, T. Hitman, and Gregory L. Norris.
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