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Shane Allison (ed.): Steam Bath

Shane Allison (ed.): Steam Bath

Sweaty Gay Erotica. USA 2013, 201 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Steamy encounters in the bathhouse are good clean fun and have been the stuff of erotic legend for centuries - just ask Spartacus! The editor busts open the sauna door in »Steam Bath«, a rollicking romp of pretty boys and dashing daddies out to cruise. From fresh-faced twinks to silver foxes and beautiful bears, Shane delivers sensational stories of sweaty, muscled men eager to shed their clothes. A towel-snapping good read, »Steam Bath« is filled with sizzling porn bodies, sexy boys next door, and tantalizing tricks that fully capture the erotic dynamics between men. A gorgeous, tattooed bad boy asks to be taught a hard lesson in »Steam Punk«. A twink finds true love for one night at the baths, who blows his mind and more in »Raf's Journey«. Things get hot and heavy when two college professors and a horny student stumble upon a bathhouse in »The Chaperones«.
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