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Carter Sickels: The Evening Hour

Carter Sickels: The Evening Hour

USA 2012, 328 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Most of the wealth in Dove Creek, West Virginia, is in the mountains - in the coal seams that have provided generations with a way of life, but little prosperity. Born here and raised by his Pentecoastal grandfather, 27-year-old Cole Freeman sidestepped work as a miner to become an aide in a nursing home. He's got a shock of bleached blond hair and a gentle touch well suited to the job. He's also a drug dealer, reselling the prescription pills of the older population to a younger crowd. Cole's work leds him down back roads and hollows, and into the homes of the town's uncommon characters: an openly gay ex-con, an octogenarian environmentalist, and a myriad of old-timers, war veterans, shut-ins, and churchgoers. As Heritage Coal razes the mountains, some choose to leave, a few fight, and most, like Cole, try to ignore the devastation. Meanwhile, his world is shifting: his bad-news best friend is back.
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