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Neil Plakcy (ed.): Sexy Sailors

Neil Plakcy (ed.): Sexy Sailors

Gay Erotic Stories. USA 2012, 207 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Cleis - Gay Erotic Stories
Sex ahoy! Who hasn't admired a naval officer coming ashore in his dress whites or a hard-musckled young man climbing up a mast and grinding winches to set sail? Whether they are commanding navy ships or 8-foot dinghies, the gorgeous guys of »Sexy Sailors« sure know how to cruise. A grizzled traveler looking for a quick hookup aboard a Greek freighter discovers his true mate when he meets a shaggy-haired stud in »Angel«. A handsome seaman in uniform receives an enthusiastic welcome to San Francisco in »Home Is the Sailor. In the boat-rocking »Shanghai Surprise«, a fine young thing is shackled and bound but soon finds himself topping his captor. Editor and author Neil Plakcy has collected bold stories of naughty, nautical hunks and wild, stormy sex that are sure to blow your imagination.
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