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Winston Gieseke (ed.): Indecent Exposures

Winston Gieseke (ed.): Indecent Exposures

D 2013, 202 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Bruno Gmünder
The thrill of getting caught is a major turn-on. Which is why getting frisky in a forbidden place - outside of one's comfort zone and away from the comforter - can be some of the hottest sex of all. Compiled by former »Men« magazine editor Winston Gieseke, »Indecent Exposures« is a tantalizing anthology of erotic tales in which sexually charged couples, casual hook-ups, and nameless strangers get their rocks off by taking a walk on the wild side. Mike Hicks makes a »Taxicab Confession«. Joe Thompson writes about »Work. Experience«, Kit Christopher about getting »Pumped«, Hank Edwards about a »Rest Stop Reunion«, and Michael Bracken about »Landmark Photography«. Jeffrey HArtinger, Rob Rosen and Gregory L. Norris are other authors who contributed to this erotic anthology.
Schwul > Erotica
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